Monday, June 8, 2009


My sister Joetta called me last week and invited the girls and I to LEGOLAND and we of course said yes. It was amazing to walk around and see all the thing that they have made out of Lego's. The girls had a blast as you can see!!!!

Thanks Jo for such a fun day.

Kylie saw this guy and wanted to take a picture by him because he had a camera like we did. LOL!

She thought this ride was "soooo fun".

This cute little elephant behind us was made out of Lego's...... WOW!
JD and Kylie could have played all day
Kylie and Britain on the train ride all by themselves. I was so nerves that Brit was going to climb out, but she did great and stayed in. They are getting so big.

Kylie driving.. She was so proud of herself. She even got a "drivers license" at the end of it.

Cute cousins

Brit and mommy on the air plane ride.
Love this little face.
For all my girls in Vegas... Made me miss ya!!!

This was the most amazing. The inauguration of President Obama. MADE OUT OF LEGO'S!!!


Brandon and Erin said...

That does look cool. Your girls are so adorable. We need to do something fun soon...camping or something! Glad you guys are here!

Emily said...

Dang, I want to go there! Looks like you guys had a blast, and I'm so glad you're able to spend so much time with family!

We miss you!!1

Elise said...

I heard that Legoland is a great place for kids. It looks like it was a lot of fun! It was so awesome to see you guys the other day! Can't wait to hang out more.

Kara said...

I have heard completely opposite reviews of LegoLand. Some people love it and some hate it, but I think Nathan would love it! Um, where are your girls' pink Lakers jerseys?

mike said...

I know... I know.. We need to get them some cute pink Lakers stuff. My sister gave me a hard time about it.

Marchezt said...

How Fun! I'm Jealous!

Stay in touch and if you need anything, let me know! I promise to visit you when I'm up in Orem :)

Whitney Easton said...

So cute! your girls are getting so big! i'm so jealous that you get to be in california for the summer! i miss everyone there :(