Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Daddy Daughter Camp Out

This last weeekend Mike and Kylie went camping, well in the backyard but to Kylie it was the real thing. Kylie was so excited all day to do this but I thought for sure she was not going to last the whole night. They popped popcorn, watched movies, drank soda, ate candy and slept (the whole night) in a tent. What kid would not like this???

Mike is such a great dad and always does such cute things with our girls. He did say "well since we don't have boys to take on camp outs yet, I will have my own "daddy daughter camp out". :)

Watching a movie with dad and loaded up on sugar, right before they went to sleep. LOL!

Right after they woke up, Kylie wanted to watch another movie and snuggle. So cute!

This picture melts my heart.

Brit woke up and wanted to go and see daddy and Ky Ky.


Elise said...

My dad used to do this with us kids too. It was so much fun except that we usually ended up in the house before the night ended.

Robin said...

How funny. i clicked on your blog and read it Jessett and then I was thinking about how we used to do that as kids. Then I was going to type that and when I clicked, I read ELise's and laughed! Good to see what you guys have been up to. Where are you at now?

Dave Alleman said...

That's funny... Bryce has been singing the camping song and packing up all his stuff because Dave is getting ready for the high adventure hike to his favorite place. If we come this summer we'll have to do a camping night together!

Alifinale said...

That is a huge tent! How cute and fun. I love that they are watching a movie.

Kara said...

That is so sweet! I love the last picture of Brit, with her cute morning hair!

The Randall Family said...

What a cute idea. : ) I bet that Brock would love to do that with Kailey. : )

Matt and Shannon said...

Can you girls GET ANY CUTER? Seriously - adorable!

Whitney Easton said...

This is the cutest thing ever! Mike's such a good dad!