Friday, October 31, 2008

Kylies school halloween party

Kylie had a great time with all of her school friends at there Halloween Party at the park.

Cheesing it up for the camera before we left

Excited to go to the party

Bean bag toss

Cupcake decorating

This is how Brit and Ruby entertained themselves

Kylies new wheels

Last weekend we went to California and Kylie came home with a princess scooter. She loves riding it and thinks she is pretty hot stuff. Thanks mom/grams. You are the best.... just ask Kylie.

Our first Tea Party...

Kylie was invited to her first Tea Party for her friend Emerson's 3rd birthday. The girls had such a great time making necklaces and braclets, having tea and of course eating cake. Thanks for inviting us Emmy. We had a great time!!!

Emmy the birthday girl!!!

Very fancy tea party. So much fun....

More tea please....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

A cute little family in our ward had a pumpkin patch in thier backyard. I know.. I know... hard to believe that in Vegas a pumpkin patch can be done, let alone having a yard or a yard big enough for one. It was the perfect size and they even had cute crafts for the kids to do. Thanks Carlsons girls! You did a great job!

The girls had a great time. Kylie loved running around in the field and Britain loved watching her. Brit wanted to get down and play but we tortured the poor little baby because I refused to let her get dirty. Sorry Brit Brit!!! Next year!

All ready for the Pumpkin Patch

Say Cheese

Fun pumpkin patch

Cute little Britain

Kylie picked this one and was so happy about it (as you can see).

Daddy and his girls (Brit and Mike were done. Can you tell??)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

More popcorn please.....

Pajama's, Enchanted, good friends and popcorn..... What more do you need??

Always a good time when Elle and Ashlyn come over....

Yummy popcorn!!

Love their smiles

Cute girlfriends....

and Kylie and Brit sure do have some...

Learning how to make bread at Great Harvest...

Kylie and Reagan with their bag of goodies from Great Harvest..

Baylie and Emmy came over to our house one day after school. These cute girls love playing together.

Ruby and Britain were organizing Brits drawers.. Thanks girls!!!!!

Emery and Kylie having a picnic at our "usually spot" on Wednesdays.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Swinging good time....

I took the girls to a new park that just opened up and it was so much fun. Actually a bunch of us moms took our kids and they ALL had a great time. I really must say that we have the best play group in the world. We love hanging out with everyone.

Britain sat in a swing for the first time and as you can see LOVED IT.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I love this man...

My handsome man!!(side note:I really miss my long hair)

I just wanted to tell my awesome husband that I love him and appreciate all he does. I know that I don't tell him enough and I know I probably complain a little. Ok, maybe I complain ALOT!!!! I just love being with him and the girls and I don't like anything to get in the way of our time together. (I know I am pretty pathetic, but that is the truth). He is crazy busy at work, goes to school and has to deal with not one, not two, but three very demanding woman in his life. He never complains and is always willing to help from the moment he walks in the door. I am so lucky to have such a patient and loving husband. Not to mention one of the most handsome/HOT men in the world. I AM ONE LUCKY GIRL! Some times I don't know what I did to desire such a great guy. Thanks for all you do babe!!

Even with a mohawk he is soooo hot.....