Thursday, October 9, 2008

Swinging good time....

I took the girls to a new park that just opened up and it was so much fun. Actually a bunch of us moms took our kids and they ALL had a great time. I really must say that we have the best play group in the world. We love hanging out with everyone.

Britain sat in a swing for the first time and as you can see LOVED IT.


Christi said...

She was so cute on the swings. Your girls are adorable!

Calvin said...

Britain and Kylie,

Grandpa and Grandma want to go to the park with you to swing so high!

Maybe if you can come to SoCal soon we can take you to our park and swing together and buy an ice cream cone.

Love, Grandpa and Grandma Alleman

Kara said...

Glad you guys enjoyed the new park so much. Was that the one on Flamingo? I want to go there sometime. I'm going to get my butt in gear and go to Play group one of these days. I miss hanging out with everyone.