Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cedar Mountain Trip

We just got back from our fun/crazy/cold/adventures trip to Cedar Mountain with some of our really good friends. Thanks again Brandon and Erin!!!

Pros about our trip:
1. Vacation with out kids.
2. Riding snow mobiles for the first time.
3. Snowboarding
4. Sledding
5. Snuggling by the fire (because it was so FREAKING cold)
6. Did I mention no kids for 3 days!! (Thanks again Dave and Skye)
7. Vacationing with awesome friends
8. Laughing until we cried
9. Serious games of sequence (GIRLS RULE!!!)

Cons about our trip:
1. Getting stuck in the snow "TWICE".
2. Thinking that our husbands might be dead.
3. Having to walk for about 2 miles in the snow to find our husband.
4. Being cold for 3 days straight.
5. A snow mobile breaking down, so we had to rent another one.
6. "Outhouse".. That's all I need to say....

All in all it was really fun. We had a rough start but it ended up being really fun.

****WARNING!!!!!! ALOT OF PICTURES***** :):):):):)

Our first picture once we FINALLY got there.. It was COLD!!!

We got stuck in the snow with in the first 5 minutes... Way to go guys!! And we (Erin and Jessett) were not to happy.

DAY 2... GUESS WHAT??? Stuck in the snow again... LOL!!!! Seriously guys!!!

My "HOT" husband, all geared up...

NO REALLY...... Isn't he so hot??

S'mores anyone!!!! Erin was really enjoying hers. LOL!!!

Chili never tasted so good....

I was so awesome!! Just call me a pro....

Just kidding, this was me pretty much the whole time. I was so frustrated!! GRRR! Its been awhile!!!

Sledding was a blast.

All bundled up and ready to go.

Here is the real pro... Mike made it look so easy flying down the mountain and jumping over things. SHOW OFF!!!! j/k

Letter I wrote before we went looking for our husband that had been gone for 4 hours and were suppost to be back in one. LOL!! We were really worried!!

Love this girl!!! We had some awesome conversations around the fire!!! HAHA!!

Thanks again Brandon and Erin! You guys are awesome..

This was the cabin and ALL the snow around us....

Brandon and Mike posing for yes "another picture". Thanks guys!!

Snow mobiling was a blast...


D MONKEY said...

looks like you guys had so much fun! way to rough it! love you and miss you

Dave Alleman said...

You could have fooled everyone with the first snow boarding picture... you do look like a pro! I'm glad you guys had fun. I know we did with the girls!

Kara said...

It looks like you had so much fun, despite all the crazy things that happened! And you look so good, as always, even without all your make-up and stuff. I LOVE the letter and the fact that you took a picture of it and posted it on your blog!

Alifinale said...

Except for the freezing part, I am way jealous. A weekend sans kids sounds heavenly. Looks like a blast in the snow. And you look hot in your snow gear!

Emily said...

That looks so fun but SO COLD! I'm glad you found your husbands and nobody got lost and froze to death.

That letter is girls!

Glad you're back and can't wait to hear more about it!

Michael said...

This is the sound of jealousy.

Brandon and Erin said... beat me to it! Maybe I will get my post of the trip up this week:) Hopefully! Anyway, it was fun looking back, but next trip needs to be in the summer!! Miss you guys already:)

Tiffany said...

Looks like fun and cute pictures! Your hair is getting long's so pretty! I'm glad everyone made it out safely and I'm thankful for the new post!

Kevin & Ashley said...

so cute! i bet you guys had so much fun! love the pics & you guys! :)

Christi said...

I want to hear all about this vaca without any kids!! I am glad that you guys had a good time and everyone was fine :)

Kristine said... picture of the outhouse? Come on, I know you said that was your favorite part! ;-)