Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thanksgiving and too much food...........

We had an awesome Thanksgiving with our family in California. We started off our Thanksgiving with Mikes mom and dad for a delicious breakfast. Hung out for a little while and then went and watched Mike play volleyball. We were then off to my sister Joetta's house for a yummy dinner. We had a terrific holiday weekend. Ate way to much food, Learned how to make a turkey, went to the movies (Twilight was awesome) and ended the weekend at the Staples Center to watch the Lakers.

Aunt JoJo and Brit caught with chocolate.... BIG TROUBLE!!!!!

The best Hosts!! Thanks Joetta and Dan for having us.

Kylie and her cute hair do.. Thanks Aunt Tiff

Brit Brit and Daddy. Aren't they so cute??

OUR NIGHT OUT IN L.A.!!!!!!!!!!

In front of the Staples Center

Rick Fox is right behind me. A little star struck...

Lakers won baby!!! Thanks Dan and Jo for the amazing tickets...


Amy and Tyler Rex said...

How fun! The girls are getting so big! They are beautiful! Call us if you come down for the Holidays so we can come visit you!

Calvin said...

Merry Christmas - we send our love and greetings!
Dad and Mom Alleman