Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our fun weekend with our visitors..

This weekend we had our very good friends from California come and stay with us. We had such a great time and the kids loved playing together. We ate alot of junk, road on the four wheeler, played at the play ground, took some last minute family pictures (kinda missed the sun set but still got a couple cute ones), went out to eat a couple times, made bows and stayed up way to late.

We love having friends come and visit and are sad when they leave. Thanks to Brandon and Erin for making our weekend so fun.

Here are ALOT of pictures of us on the quad (sorry, could not choose). Dave, Skye and the boys met up with us on Saturday for a couple hours. The kids all had a blast on the quad and playing in the dirt.

Family time is the best

Cute Cameron

Britain was such a good girl while we played on the quad

Kylie loves her Aunt Skye

Taking a picture while we wait our turn to ride

Kylie and Noah had such a great time

Snack Time

Noah, Brynnley and Kylie

Britain and Brynnley hanging out

Cute little cousins

Mike and Brandon

Mike and Parker having a good time.

Our little dirt girl

Dave, Skye and the boys

Allan Family

Our number one rider Noah


Kara said...

You guys are always doing something so fun and cool. Nathan would have been in heaven on those 4-wheelers. Glad you got to spend some time with your friends. Cute new family picture too! Want to take ours with your big fancy camera? I'm serious!

Jessett said...

I will totally take pictures of your family. Let me know!!!!

We should get together and go on the 4 wheeler. Nathan would LOVE it.........

Brandon and Erin said...

Miss you guys! We had sooo much fun! I am sad we don't live closer...but I am glad you aren't too far. Today, Noah said, "I miss my friends, mike and jessett." So cute. Hopefully we'll see you again soon. Thanks for the fun weekend!

Tiffany said...

How fun! I love all the pictures!

The Good Life said...

So cute! I love your family picture on your header. Who's bike was that? Looks like fun!