Monday, March 10, 2008

Britains Blessing

Britains blessing was a wonderful day. Mike did an amazing job blessing Brit and it was wonderful to have so many people stand in with him. We were missing Jon (Mikes brother), but understand that he was very busy at work. The biggest surprise of the day was my mom coming. It was a very emotional moment when my mom walked into the chapel right before sacrament started. I was so happy to see her and have her sit next to me during the blessing. She will never know how much that ment to me.

We had a wonderful brunch back at Dave and Skye's house, watched the Lakers game and just enjoyed the rest of the day. Thank you to Dave and Skye for opening up your home for us. Could not have got through that weekend with out you. We love you guys!

I love my family and I am very grateful to have the gospel in my life. I have truely been blessed with so much and am grateful for each and every one of you that made this day so special.


Michael said...

This is wonderful!!! You have a new baby blessed, and you have a new blog!!! I will always remember this day. Congratulations on everything (you know the blog and the baby thing).

Katie said...

Hi Jessett! I found your blog! She is sooooo cute! You make the prettiest little girls!