Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where has 2010 gone?

It is hard to believe that we are already in the month of April. I have been terrible about posting but I am back and have A LOT of pictures to share.

Here is what we have been up to the last few months. Starting from the beginning of the year. :):):)


Our sweet Britain turned 2 on January 20th. As you can see we had a DORA PARTY!

We took Britain and Kylie to Build a Bear for a fun afternoon on Brits birthday.

They loved their bear and bunny and thought it was so fun to have a little house to take them home in.

Just a couple pictures I took of the Birthday Day Girl.

Mike's birthday was January 21th, the day after Britains and he turned the ripe old age of 29. So, we had MORE CAKE and went out for Teppanyaki with two of his brothers and their wifes.


Who would not love getting this in the mail for Valentines Day??

So Sweet...

Mammoth Trip Feb. 2010

Kylie LOVED sledding

Mike build this snow cave for the kids. HE IS THE BEST DAD!

Our little snow bunny

Never to cold to go in a HOT TUB. Even if it is snowing outside.

MARCH 2010... Took a little trip back home for my best friends wedding and while we were there we took advantage of the great weather. We had so much fun with our families. We got to go on a few dates (without kids), go to a princess birthday party, my brother-in-laws birthday party, got manicures and pedicures, hang out with our amazing friends (we did not get to see every one we would have liked to) the beach, Disneyland, BBQ with our families, did some shopping and just relaxed.

The beautiful couple.

Abby and Laura. We have been friends since High School.

I LOVE this Man.

January and I. Friends since elementary school.

Just me....

Kylie with the birthday girl, Princess Brynnley.

Mike holding my brother-in-laws birthday day present. Isn't that the cutest bull bog puppy you have EVER seen?

Kylie and Aunt Nikki getting ready to go on a "date" to see Alice in Wonderland.

Kylie went with her Grams (my mom) to get a pedicure.

My youngest brother Joseph. Just "chill'in" as he would say. LOL!

Took two of my sisters out for some ice cream.

COLD STONE... Do you think Brit likes it? LOL!

We LOVE Cold Stone.

Kylie and Brit love their Aunt Nikki


They could of played all day

Love moments like this.

Just me and my Man.

She thought it was so fun to feed the birds. Love our little "bird girl".


Toy Story 4D Ride. It was so fun.

My sister Starlene and I. It was so fun to spend time with her and her family. Love them all so much.

Britains favorite ride. The Merry-Go-Round.

Kylies favorite ride. The Tea Cups.

Kylie got to see Minnie Mouse right before we left. She was so excited to see her and take a picture with her.


Christi said...

I am glad to see you back to blogging!!! It looks like you have had a great couple of months. I love that picture of Brit with the Coldstone. I had so much fun catching up with you when you got to stop in!!!

Elise said...

So happy that we got to hang out with you guys while you were here. Jessett, you look awesome in those pics from your friend's wedding. Really...just gorgeous. It must be that running glow.

Kara said...

It's about freaking time!! No wonder you never have time to call me back! You're too busy having so much fun! Makes my life look really crappy right now. We've done absolutely nothing this year except pack and get ready to move. BTW, you look SMOKIN' in those pictures at the wedding. Girl, you are GORGEOUS and I'm with Cassey on what she said on FB. If you get any prettier, I don't think I can be your friend. Ha ha, just kidding. The girls look adorable as always!

The Peterson's said...

Wow, good to see pics of all the kids. Nikki, Gabby, Nessa, Joe, they're all so big! It's been too long. Congrats to Laura, she looks beautiful! Looks like you guys have had a lot of fun!