Friday, December 18, 2009

Princess On Ice

We took the girls to see Disney's "Princess On Ice" and they had a great time. Kylie was so into every thing and Britain was a happy girl, once the popcorn arrived. We love taking our girls to do these kinds of things. There is nothing better than your little girls in their "dress-ups" watching their favorites princesses ice skate.


Christi said...

How fun. Reagan would be so jealous. Britain is getting so big!!!

Brandon and Erin said...

SO fun! You all look wonderful!

Kara said...

Oh boy, I bet Mike just loved that princess extravaganza! Almost as much as he loves the Lakers and almost as much as my husband would love Disney Princesses on Ice!! Ha ha! What would I do with a girl? I really don't think I am meant to have girls.