Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our trip to Mammoth

We went with some of our really good friends to Mammoth this past weekend and with 6 kids and 6 adults managed to have an awesome time. We had a great time relaxing, sitting in the hot tub, playing in the snow, doing a little shopping, going on the Gondola, snowboarding, napping and watching UFC. The kids had the best time playing in the snow, playing in the play room, watching Little Einsteins and dancing around the house. It was fun to watch them all play together. Mike was able to get one day of boarding in and I was able to get an LONG nap. So Mom and Dad were happy!!!! Despite almost everyone being sick we all had a great time. Thanks to Justin and Jenny for a great time. We love hanging out with them and getting the kids together.

Gondola Ride.. So fun! Kylie LOVED playing in the snow
Mike on top of the mountain
Sledding was ALL she wanted to do
Britain was unsure of the snow, but for a brief moment like it...
Hot tub felt so good after ALL day boarding
Mike and his girls
AHHHHH!!! All bundled up..
These two cuties are only 5 days apart. Good little buds !
Getting all geared up.
Taking a walk in town
This picture makes me laugh...Brit Brits CRAZY hair...
Until next year Mammoth


Christi said...

That looks like so much fun. You guys go on way too many fun trips. I am jealous.

The Good Life said...

So fun! Your family is so cute! I love the pictures of the girls. They are always all dolled up...the way little girls should be ;)

Elise said...

Fun trip!! We love Mammoth so much! I can't wait to go up there this weekend. Maybe one time we will be up there at the same time. I bet your girls had a blast in the snow.

Brandon and Erin said...

ok..I am jealous...that is MY kind of trip! We need to plan another trip and a girls trip:) Miss you guys!

Emily said...

I have never heard of Mammoth but it looks like tons of fun!

Bringhursts said...

Oh, I am so jealous. Also, I love the pics in the post before this. Your girls are so photogenic.

Chad and Lesha said...

you guys are so awesome... I love that you aren't afraid to do crazy trips still.