Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We spent our long holiday weekend in Utah this year. We went up to attend the blessing of our adorable nephew Brock. It was a wonderful day and Mark did a great job blessing his son. Brock is the cutest little guy ever and one of the most mellow and sweetest babies. Thanks again Mark and D for letting us stay with you and sharing in your special day.

We also got to do some other fun things. We went to Boondocks Family Fun Center with all 10 of the cousins. It was pure craziness but the kids had a great time. While we were up in Utah we also got a chance to visit with Britain and Kylie's Great Grandmas. It was fun to see the kids with them and take a couple pics. I also attempted to learn how to make bows and when I say attempted that is what I mean. I CAN NOT make bows. But that is ok because I have some amazing sister-in-law that can. Thanks again Tiff for having me over and making Kylie and Britains some bows. Thanks to Skye too for whiping so many out. And of course I did way to much shopping, but I just could not resist all the sales and holiday decorations.

My birthday landed on Labor Day this year so we were able to celebrate it with Mikes family. Danielles Dad wanted to take us all out for a birthday breakfast at IHOP. Bill, Danielles dad made it extra special by standing up and announcing that it was my birthday and the WHOLE entire place sang to me. The best part about it was that during the announcement he told everyone that I have two kids and my husband left me that morning. LOL!!! He meant to say that my husband went golfing with his brothers but it just came out wrong or it probably didn't if you know Bill. Thanks again Bill and Diane for a wonderful start to my birthday. Later that day we met up with the rest of the family for lunch and then my sister-in-law Tiffany and I were off for a few hours of shopping. Thanks Tiff for driving me around town and taking me to all the cute stores. Later that night we went back to Jon and Tiffs for a delicious dinner and amazing dessert. I ended my birthday in front of the tube to watch my two boyfriends in action... Prison Break did not disappoint. Thanks to everyone for making my day so memorable.

We had a great weekend as you can see.


Christi said...

Looks like you guys had a good time! I love the new picture of your family. I love the girls dresses! Happy Birthday too :)

Emily said...

Glad yo had a great birthday weekend! Even with your husband leaving you and everything.

Alifinale said...

Sounds like such a fun trip! I can attest that Brock is such a little cutie! Love all the pics.