Tuesday, April 22, 2008

California Trip

Well, it has taking me a while to post about our trip. I have been busy potty training (I will post about that later!! LOL) ever since I returned from our vacation to California. It seems funny to say that we vacation in California. LOL!!! Our trip to Cali. was a blast! It was two weeks filled with fun, laughter, long days and a few melt downs along the way. Kylie, Britain and I had so much fun spending time with our families and some of our good friends. The first night we were there we were able to celebrate Grandpa Allemans birthday with him. Kylie loved the chocolate cake and singing Happy Birthday to him. We even went back another day and Kylie and Grandma made Rice Crispy treats. Kylie really enjoyed that and I did too because I was able to take a long hot shower with out any interruptions LOL!! The girls and I went to Disneyland THREE times (crazy I know, but Kylie had a blast). I took my little Britain on everything from the Carousal ride, Dumbo, Small World, The Tiki Room, The Jungle Cruise and yes even Pirates. She was a trooper!!! What other 2 1/2 month old baby will be able to say that they went to Disneyland 3 times before they were 3 months old. LOL!!! The best ride that I took Kylie on was the Mater Horn. She had no idea what she was getting herself into, but hey I wanted to go on a good ride too and she was tall enough so we were going on. LOL! Lets just say it was not her favorite. Needless to say our next two visits to Disneyland she made sure to tell me that she was not going on the "Big Mountain Ride". LOL!!! We also went to The San Diego Zoo (Thanks to my sister Starlene, who decided she did not want to go and gave her tickets to our family). We also got to spend a little time with our good friends Erin Allan and her kiddos, Jenny Dalton and her kiddos and we went to an Angels game with Elise. The kids all had a great time playing and it was fun to catch up with my girl friends. Mike finally came into town at the end of the trip to go to a Lakers game with his brother Dave and our good friend Justin. They had such a great time. But who wouldn't with tickets that are 8 rows from the floor. Thanks again Justin. The day after the Laker game Mike played volleyball with some friends. We ended our two week vacation with our good friends Skyler and Elise. We saw there awesome new house and then went out to dinner with them and our other friends Kenny and Jill. We went to our favorite place, Stone Fire Grill... Yummy.. We miss that place. Our two weeks was over and We were all ready to go home. The girls and I missed Mike so much and were so happy to travel home together. Well, I was so that I wouldn't have to drive. LOL!! Thanks to everyone for making our trip so much fun.


Kara said...

Sounds like such a fun trip! Disneyland, the Zoo, I want to go now! Chris would be really jealous of the Lakers game too! Glad you're back and I hope the potty training is going better! I love that you took Kylie on the "Big Mountain Ride". That ride is always closed when I go to Disneyland!

Christi said...

It looks like you guys had blast. Kylie has a great smile. She looked like she had a blast! I am hope the potty training is going better!